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Unisex essential eco hoodie - Truth Telling Tree

Unisex essential eco hoodie - Truth Telling Tree

VAT Included

Our eco-friendly hoodie is thoughtfully crafted from organic and recycled materials. This sustainable garment offers exceptional comfort and embodies our commitment to preserving the environment. The tree speaks to people, calling for their respect and urging them to cherish and protect the natural world. Each time you wear this hoodie, you showcase your dedication to sustainability and belief in nature's power. Join the movement and let the tree's message resonate with those around you as you make a stylish statement for both fashion and the planet.

Sizes Are in cm.

Size Length Sleeve Length Chest
S 68 64 83.8 - 91.4
M 72 65.5 94 - 101.6
L 74 67 104 - 109.2
XL 76 68.6 111.8 - 116.8
2XL 78 70 119.4 - 124.5